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Kelly Mooney


Future of Marketing Inspiration Found in The LEGO® Movie

kmooney Kelly Mooney , CEO May. 19, 2014

This winter, I and millions of others braved the polar vortex and headed to a movie theater to see The LEGO® Movie. I expected the kid flick to be fun and playful, but what I didn’t expect was to experience an incredible aha moment. The plot of The LEGO® Movie is a perfect metaphor for …

Here’s How Reverse Mentoring Works For Me

kmooney Kelly Mooney , CEO Jan. 27, 2014

When I began my career in industrial design in the late 80s, men occupied nearly all of the seats in my business meetings. But when it came to design decisions, color choices or having a pulse on what consumers wanted, most of these men turned to their wives. Sometimes they’d place a call in the …

What Marketers Can Do in a Privacy-Sensitized World

kmooney Kelly Mooney , CEO Sep. 11, 2013

Earlier this summer, we held our annual Open Brand Summit focused on personalization. Just a month later, Edward Snowden, National Security Administration infrastructure analyst, made global headlines as the source of disclosures about various US surveillance programs, leading the US to charge him with treason and theft of government property. What’s the connection of our …

Personalization Has Reached a Tipping Point

kmooney Kelly Mooney , CEO May. 29, 2013

As I prepared for our Open Brand Summit with the theme “It’s Personal,” I quickly concluded that our industry is overcomplicating the definition of personalization with millions of search results and hundreds of pundits proposing options that cannot be easily remembered—or articulated, for that matter. And then, on the other end of the spectrum, personalization …

TED 2013: 9 Take-Home Themes for Me

kmooney Kelly Mooney , CEO Mar. 6, 2013

I have TED Head. Unlike bed head, which generally involves too little sleep and too little time for proper grooming, TED Head is a mind swirl. It’s that feeling when you are simultaneously inspired to change the world and overwhelmed with what that might entail. TED Head makes me say, “Crap! Can I be doing …

The Open Brand: Now and Next

kmooney Kelly Mooney , CEO Jan. 8, 2013

I consider myself a lifelong student of the consumer. I get jazzed by understanding what makes people love the brands they do—how people share, shop, decide, buy, return, advocate and co-create—and how it continues to change based on technology that’s been threaded throughout our lives. That personal passion led to two books—the first, titled The …

All I Want for Christmas is iTunes Innovation

kmooney Kelly Mooney , CEO Nov. 29, 2012

I don’t want an iPad mini or a new MacBook Pro for Christmas. Instead, I want iTunes Family®. Never heard of it? That’s because it doesn’t exist, but it should. It’s time that Apple started designing its software as fervently and elegantly as it does its hardware. A comprehensive overhaul of the iTunes experience is …

Speakers Who Inspire

kmooney Kelly Mooney , CEO Oct. 11, 2012

To be honest, I was worried. Helping to pull together the regional conference for my fellow YPOers was a tad intimidating. This group of over 200 CEOs and their spouses/partners who committed to four days of professional development (and of course, a little fun) had not only extremely short attention spans, but high expectations for…well…everything. …

Building Open Brands…Emotionally. You In?

kmooney Kelly Mooney , CEO Aug. 14, 2012

It’s been more than six years since my initial insight that brand building would fundamentally change due to the rise of social media, the impact of the open source era, and the rapidly changing expectations of consumers. From that insight came a book, a framework and a variety of tools that we’ve used extensively at …

Updating the Outdated Consumer Journey

kmooney Kelly Mooney , CEO Jul. 20, 2012

For more than 100 years, marketers have accepted and applied a consumer journey model often referred to as AIDA—awareness, interest, desire and action. Of course there are many iterations of this model, and more recently some notable improvements from McKinsey and Forrester. Since my design training in the mid-‘80s, I’ve been preoccupied with understanding consumers, …